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We take a good fire protection seriously.

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BVBA Goddet specializes in fire protection for companies. Repairs, modifications, maintenance and expansion work, but also for full fire protections and sprinkler systems from A-Z you can contact us. You can also come to us for the weekly diesel testing and concrete drilling.

We feature us through a quick service and a perfect finish, because a plants should not only efficient, but also aesthetically. 24 h 7/7, we are waiting for you! Also for installations not placed by us and are vulnerable you can use our 24 h service.

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Do you want to lease a sprinkler installation? That's possible! Contact us!

About us


Goddet General Fire Protection is based on many years of experience and therefore strives to become No. 1 as a partner in fire protection. We focus on the engineering, production, installation and maintenance of various low-cost systems that are used in the most diverse markets and applications throughout Europe. The dedication of Goddet General Fire Protection in its pursuit of excellence is not limited to the product range alone.

Goddet Algemene Brandbeveiliging is dedicated to continuously training its customers, subcontractors and staff and keeping them informed of the most recent technological developments. Thanks to our computer programs, we can select the best solutions and systems, as well as supply the drawings and regulations. These programs save valuable time in the selection and evaluation of fire protection systems.

Goddet General Fire Protection also has an important stock, so many standard parts can be shipped the same day. All these elements, together with our excellent customer service program, guarantee the permanent top quality of your Goddet systems.


Goddet can be trusted. We work on trust by being people of integrity. We will do the right thing, even if it hurts. We build trust by working on quality and excellence. Nobody worries that we will not deliver the highest quality. We build trust through our dedication. Everyone knows that we keep a word. We work on trust through our professionalism. Our team is recognized by our customers, competitors and professionals of the industry. We build trust through our commitment to safety. After all, we are committed to protecting human lives, property and buildings.


As an ISO 9001 registered company, Goddet General Fire Protection is committed to quality. Quality drawings, quality solutions, quality ideas, high-quality employees, and quality functions we create.


Our employees work in a safe, drug-free, and risk-free environment, where, at the end of the day, they can go home in the same way that they came to the company in the morning.


We take an advisory approach to sales, services, products and solutions: combined with strong customer knowledge and innovative technologies - always looking to raise the bar, something you expect from a partner in fire safety.


We are passionately committed to being there for our customers, to help you achieve your safety goals. Working with us means obtaining the right solution, developed by experts and supported by the resources of a dedicated fire safety installer.

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